Rubingel desiccant bags with highly activated indicating silica-gel

Rubingel desiccant bags are filled with a highly effective colour-indicating silica gel, which serves as a reliable way of assessing anti-moisture functions. The special indicator contained in the Rubingel enables highly accurate visual checks of the desiccant’s saturation level, thereby more effectively protecting pharmaceuticals, diagnostic products, and all kinds of machinery and goods against moisture damage.

Accurate desiccant saturation check means maximum efficiency in protecting against moisture

The ruby colour indicates that the desiccant is active. As the moisture loading increases, the gel turns from ruby to yellow.

Rubingel desiccant bags

Rubingel desiccant bags are filled with a highly activated desiccant known as Rubingel – a highly adsorbent colour-indicating silica gel. The desiccant bags’ adsorption capacity can reach up to 30% of their own weight at 25°C and 80% relative humidity.

These bags are designed to be used in contact with food and pharmaceutical products; they are chemically neutral and do not corrode metal or any other materials.


  • Visual checks of the desiccant’s saturation level
  • An efficient, all-purpose product
  • Reliable moisture protection for all types of packaging

DIN 55473-certified Rubingel desiccant bags provide reliable protection against moisture and corrosion.

Our desiccant bags are environmentally friendly, and can be easily disposed of as household waste.

Rubingel bag material

All Rubingel desiccant bags are “dust-proof” in accordance with DIN 55473, making them ideal for protecting highly sensitive products.

40% indicator

    The Rubingel desiccant bags can also include a 40% indicator, which allows you to check the relative humidity of the surroundings.

    This humidity indicator combines with the desiccant saturation check to act as an extra safeguard.

    Custom designs and product development

    We can produce Rubingel desiccant bags tailored flexibly to your needs. As a special service, we can offer you bags in special sizes and with custom printing.

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    Rubingel quantities

    The Rubingel desiccant bags are filled by units. One desiccant unit is equivalent to the amount of desiccant which can adsorb at least 6 g of water vapour at 23°C (±2°C) and 40% relative humidity. DIN 55473 stipulates that only desiccant units be used as the unit of measurement. See the table below for the approximate fill quantities.

    Basic Packets

    Rubingel desiccant bags come in basic packets with the usage instructions printed on them.
    These packets consist of DIN 55473-compliant poly bags, and are suitable for all bag types.

    Approx. fill weight in g510153060120240480
    1 individual basic packet contains1508060402015105
    1 original box contains1.3508007204002401206030
    Width (mm)7070707070125150150
    Length (mm)90100100140150160200250


    Shelf life

    The desiccant bags may be stored in a dry place at room temperature for extended periods of time without losing any of their effectiveness. Every packet contains a moisture indicator for visual checks set at 8% relative humidity.

    Quantity calculator

    You too can reliably protect your shipping cargo with DIN 55473 desiccant!
    Use our DIN 55474-compliant online tool to calculate the amount of desiccant required.

    You can also use our personal consultancy service; we’ll help you optimise your packaging.


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    TROPACK provides desiccant bags, desiccant cartridges, desiccant capsules and aluminium-composite film for a wide range of applications.
    Custom designs tailored to your specifications are also available. Contact us for advice:

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    TROPACK – you can count on us

    TROPACK products comply with the highest quality standards according to DIN 55473 (12/2015). Our desiccants meet the relevant requirements established by the European Union (e.g. EC 1935/2004) and the US Food & Drug Administration FDA (e.g. 21 CFR part 175/part 177).

    TROPACK quality standards are regularly verified in the form of DIN 55473 and ISO 9001 certifications.That’s something industry, the retail market and consumers alike can count on. TROPACK desiccants are food-safe, contaminant-free, odourless and renewable. (We expressly refrain from using dimethyl fumarate (DMF)!)

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