Desiccants in pharmaceuticals – product variety in highest quality

The use of desiccants in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics requires the compliance with the highest quality standards. Many of our desiccant products comply with both – the European Union and US FDA food contact requirements.

Whether for the protection of pharmaceutical products in a final packaging or for the (temporary) storage of bulk goods – with our wide product range we offer a suitable solution for every application.

These TROPACK product lines are highly specialized for use and tasks in the pharmaceutical industry and in diagnostics:

MINI Desiccant Bags

Due to its compact shape, the MINI desiccant bag is particularly suitable for applications with limited space. This bag is made of Tyvek® and filled with silica gel or molecular sieve. Silica gel provides reliable protection due to its high adsorption capacity at higher relative humidities (over 50% RH). Molecular sieve is particularly suitable for applications with a low relative humidity (below 50% RH) and lower temperatures, such as cold chains.

The different components of the desiccant bag MINI – the bag material, the desiccant and the printing ink – all meet the FDA requirements. Details on the conformity of the individual raw materials can be found here. Our MINI desiccant bag is available in the following sizes:

Weight | Dimensions

TROPACK Mini desiccant bags are filled either with white gel or a molecular sieve

Fill weight (g)0,50,51,01,01,52,02,53,03,54,05,0
Dimensions (+/- 2mm)16 x 2720 x 3020 x 4022 x 3720 x 4023 x 5023 x 5823 x 5823 x 5823 x 6523 x 70
Individual packet (PE)1.0001.0001.0001.0001.000500500500500250200


This TROPACK product is highly appropriate for use and tasks in the pharmaceutical industry and in diagnostics.

TROPAgel® Desiccants

Our standard desiccant bags TROPAgel®are available as dust-tight and highly tear-proof fleece bags (1/6 – 32 units) or also as extremely resistant and low-particulate desiccant bags made of Tyvek (1/6 – 16 units). Especially the Tyvek material has been an established packaging material in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries for many years. Both dust-tight non-wovens and Tyvek bag material comply with the requirements of the FDA (21 CFR 177.1520).

All TROPAgel® desiccant bags can be filled with clay, silica gel or molecular sieve. For the fleece/ non-woven bags the indicating silica gels  rubingel and orange gel can also be used. Through their colour change from ruby to orange or orange to white the indicating silica gels allow for a visual inspection of the desiccant’s saturation level. We are happy to provide you with food safety declarations for our desiccants as well.

Please contact us for advice.


Desiccant Capsules

Our dessiccant capsules consist of a casing made from harmless plastics and a cover consisting of either cellulose or fleece, which enables a targeted diffusion of water vapour. The desiccant capsules are usually filled with silica gel, which offers a reliable protection due to its high adsorption capacity. We can also offer you the capsules filled with molecular sieve on request. Depending on the task and the quantity ordered, the capsules can be also filled with orange gel or Rubingel which allows a precise control of the desiccants’ saturation. 


Our desiccant capsules meet the requirements of the European Union and the US FDA for contact with food and are available in the standard program in the following sizes:

Weight | Dimensions

The desiccant capsules’ fill weight may fluctuate due to the desiccants’ varying bulk density.
Feel free to contact us if you require different sizes or dimensions.

Artikel Nr.BeschreibungFüllungAbmessungen in mm
HKS000001Desiccant capsule KA 0,4
  0,40 g white gelØ 12,7Height 9,0
HKS000101Desiccant capsule KA 1,2
 1,20 g white gelØ 20,0Height 10,0
HKS000003Desiccant capsule KA 3
  3,00 g white gelØ 29 ,0Height 10,0
HKS000301Desiccant capsule KO 0,65
  0,65 g orange gelØ 15,0Height 10,0
HKS000300Desiccant capsule KO  3
  3,00 g orange gelØ 29,0Height 10,0
HKS000302Desiccant capsule KO  4
  4,00 g orange gelØ 31,0Height 12,0
HKS000032Desiccant capsule KO 27
(also available with Rubingel)
27,00 g orange gelØ 61,5Height 20,0
HKS000401Desiccant capsule KM  1
  1,00 g molecular sieveØ 13,9Height 17,3
4440-12-140-2234Desiccant capsule transparent
2 per pack
  5,00 g orange gelØ 36,0Height 8,2
4440-12-363-2254Desiccant capsule transparent
2 per pack
  5,00 g white gelØ 36,0Height 8,2



Consulting | Service | High availability

TROPACK provides desiccant bags, desiccant cartridges, desiccant capsules and aluminium-composite film for a wide range of applications.
Custom designs tailored to your specifications are also available. Contact us for advice:

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TROPACK – you can count on us

TROPACK products comply with the highest quality standards according to DIN 55473 (12/2015). Our desiccants meet the relevant requirements established by the European Union (e.g. EC 1935/2004) and the US Food & Drug Administration FDA (e.g. 21 CFR part 175/part 177).

TROPACK quality standards are regularly verified in the form of DIN 55473 and ISO 9001 certifications.That’s something industry, the retail market and consumers alike can count on. TROPACK desiccants are food-safe, contaminant-free, odourless and renewable. (We expressly refrain from using dimethyl fumarate (DMF)!)

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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