Innovative desiccant technology – smart protection against moisture

Innovative packaging, e.g. of medications and medical aids, using Activ-Polymer™ technology. This modern technology – an “active plastic” – enables the integration of active ingredients (primarily desiccants such as molecular sieves) into a plastic’s solid structure, unlocking numerous ways to manufacture desiccants in all kinds of shapes and sizes.


Whether as a single injection-moulded part or a standard product, Activ-Polymer™ enables desiccants to be tailored to your specific purpose, meaning even the tiniest of spaces can be utilised efficiently.

Activ-Polymer™ technology

The active plastic enables the controlled diffusion of molecules within the plastic’s structure. This innovative technology can fulfil a number of roles: Apart from adsorbing moisture, it can also adsorb odours or oxygen. It is even possible to systematically release molecules, such as scents or biocides.

Customised shapes and designs

The big advantage of the Activ-Polymer® technology is the fact that it can be used in many different ways, enabling a high degree of design flexibility:

  1. Extrusion: Activ-Film™ on a roll, as a pre-cut part or as a punched part
  2. Injection moulding: TROPApuck®  or customised shapes
  3. Blow moulding: Activ-Vial™ as bottles, cans or containers


Activ-Polymer™ consists of three components:

The Activ-Polymer™ concept

The Activ-Polymer™ technology controls the flow of tiny molecules through the polymer. It is based on a combination of three components:

  1. The main polymer, as the base component, is responsible for the plastic’s structure and shape.
  2. The active component provides the desired properties, e.g. the adsorption of moisture and oxygen or the releasing of a biocide to fight germs. It is also possible to combine various components to simultaneously adsorb moisture and oxygen.
  3. The channelling agent, a second polymer which does not mix with the main polymer, envelopes the active substance, creating access routes/channels for molecule diffusion.

Activ-Polymer™ technology

This TROPACK product range is ideal for use in the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industries.

Desiccant products featuring
Activ-Polymer technology


A highly activated desiccant – odourless and low in particles, ideal for use across the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Sterile version also available. A highly stable plastic mixed with a molecular sieve; virtually indestructible and ideal for automated feeding systems. Its compact size means it can also be used flexibly in industrial applications with limited space.


A plastic film with integrated desiccant – ideal also as a space-saving solution for compact casing and controls. Available in customised formats – as a roll, pre-cut part or punched parts. A self-adhesive version has also been tested for use at temperatures above 100°C. Standard versions available in thicknesses ranging from 0.3 to 1.6 mm.

* Activ-Polymer™, Activ-Film™ are trademarks of CSP Technologies, Inc., Auburn, AL a wholly owned subsidiary of Aptar Group.

TROPACK – you can count on us

TROPACK products comply with the highest quality standards according to DIN 55473 (12/2015). Our desiccants meet the relevant requirements established by the European Union (e.g. EC 1935/2004) and the US Food & Drug Administration FDA (e.g. 21 CFR part 175/part 177).

TROPACK quality standards are regularly verified in the form of DIN 55473 and ISO 9001 certifications.That’s something industry, the retail market and consumers alike can count on. TROPACK desiccants are food-safe, contaminant-free, odourless and renewable. (We expressly refrain from using dimethyl fumarate (DMF)!)

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