Desiccant capsules filled with silica gel, orange gel, Rubingel or a molecular sieve

Ideal for pharmaceutics, diagnostics and the food industry

Desiccant capsules are particularly ideal for protecting pharmaceutical products or even parts with optical components. A wide range of options are available in terms of desiccant size, form and type: The desiccant capsules can be filled with silica gel, orange gel, Rubingel or a molecular sieve, and can thus be tailored to the specific drying-process requirements.

Desiccant capsules – The desiccant

Depending on the quantity ordered, the capsules can be filled with the desiccant best suited to your requirements.

Desiccant capsules containing silica gel, orange gel or Rubingel

Silica gel is the most commonly used desiccant. Its high adsorption capacity means it offers reliable protection for a variety of purposes at higher relative humidity (over 50% RH).

Silica gels with indicators – orange gel or Rubingel – enable very accurate visual checks of the desiccant’s saturation level.

Desiccant capsules containing a molecular sieve

Molecular sieves are zeolites that have been crafted into spheres, and which are distinguished by their pore diameters. They are commonly used as desiccants in lower relative humidity (under 50% RH) and at lower temperatures, e.g. in cold chains.

Standard desiccant capsules use molecular sieves with a pore diameter of 4 Ångström (4Å). Depending on order quantities, other types of molecular sieves can also be used (3Å, , 5Å, 10Å/13X).

Desiccant capsules – The casing

The casing of the desiccant capsules is made from harmless plastics. The cover , consisting of either cellulose or fleece, enables targeted diffusion of water vapour so that the desiccant can efficiently adsorb moisture.
The capsules’ plastic, filter paper and printing ink all comply with European Union and US FDA requirements regarding contact with food.


The desiccant capsules are filled with active desiccant during production. To ensure they do not lose any of their effectiveness while being transported or stored, they are delivered in hermetically sealed protective packaging.
This standard packaging consists of a polyethylene bag guaranteeing a high degree of protection against moisture damage. Alternatively, the capsules can be delivered in aluminium-composite packaging, which also protects very effectively against moisture (aluminium-composite films in accordance with TL 8135-0003).

Shelf life

Desiccant capsules may be stored in a dry place at room temperature for extended periods of time without losing any of their effectiveness.

Shelf life in sealed polyethylene packaging is 6 months in aluminium-composite bags up to 24 months.

Weight | Dimensions

The desiccant capsules’ fill weight may fluctuate due to the desiccants’ varying bulk density.
Feel free to contact us if you require different sizes or dimensions.

Artikel Nr.BeschreibungFüllungAbmessungen in mm
HKS000001Desiccant capsule KA 0,4
  0,40 g white gelØ 12,7Height 9,0
HKS000101Desiccant capsule KA 1,2
 1,20 g white gelØ 20,0Height 10,0
HKS000003Desiccant capsule KA 3
  3,00 g white gelØ 29 ,0Height 10,0
HKS000301Desiccant capsule KO 0,65
  0,65 g orange gelØ 15,0Height 10,0
HKS000300Desiccant capsule KO  3
  3,00 g orange gelØ 29,0Height 10,0
HKS000302Desiccant capsule KO  4
  4,00 g orange gelØ 31,0Height 12,0
HKS000032Desiccant capsule KO 27
(also available with Rubingel)
27,00 g orange gelØ 61,5Height 20,0
HKS000401Desiccant capsule KM  1
  1,00 g molecular sieveØ 13,9Height 17,3
4440-12-140-2234Desiccant capsule transparent
2 per pack
  5,00 g orange gelØ 36,0Height 8,2
4440-12-363-2254Desiccant capsule transparent
2 per pack
  5,00 g white gelØ 36,0Height 8,2


Quantity calculator

You too can reliably protect your shipping cargo with DIN 55473 desiccant!
Use our DIN 55474-compliant online tool to calculate the amount of desiccant required.

You can also use our personal consultancy service; we’ll help you optimise your packaging.


Consulting | Service | High availability

TROPACK provides desiccant bags, desiccant cartridges, desiccant capsules and aluminium-composite film for a wide range of applications.
Custom designs tailored to your specifications are also available. Contact us for advice:

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TROPACK – you can count on us

TROPACK products comply with the highest quality standards according to DIN 55473 (12/2015). Our desiccants meet the relevant requirements established by the European Union (e.g. EC 1935/2004) and the US Food & Drug Administration FDA (e.g. 21 CFR part 175/part 177).

TROPACK quality standards are regularly verified in the form of DIN 55473 and ISO 9001 certifications.That’s something industry, the retail market and consumers alike can count on. TROPACK desiccants are food-safe, contaminant-free, odourless and renewable. (We expressly refrain from using dimethyl fumarate (DMF)!)

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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