High standards in quality and sustainability

As a leading desiccant manufacturer, we offer a wide range of desiccant bags with highly active desiccants, as well as genuine product innovations, for industry and trade. We use the new TROPApuck ® (i) to unlock innovative and economic applications, particularly for the pharmaceuticals industry.

Large raw-materials warehouse, a high degree of flexibility

Our wide range of desiccants also includes a number of related products – from aluminium-composite film, to humidity indicators, to packing aids. In addition to safety and cost-effectiveness, our desiccant products also guarantee a number of other benefits:

  • No transportation damage or storage damage caused by moisture or microorganisms
  • Greater reliability and cost-effectiveness thanks to calculable packaging solutions
  • Complaints minimised
  • Reduction in insurance premiums → no risk exclusions
  • Longer lasting components and machinery during operation
  • Environmentally friendly desiccant disposal

Custom forms

TROPACK provides desiccants, desiccant bags, desiccant cartridges, desiccant capsules, and aluminium-composite films in custom sizes and designs tailored to customers’ specific requirements and projects.

As an industry partner, we have the interdisciplinary experience and solutions needed to meet your requirements.


TROPACK desiccant bags are labelled in accordance with DIN 55473 as a standard, and also include the warning “Do not eat” in German and English.

We can, of course, also print company logos and customer-specific information.

Quality & sustainability

We consider our central task to be that of supplying our industry partners with premium products and services boasting impressive quality and – extending beyond mere product properties – environmental and social sustainability.

Our products meet all applicable requirements, such as DIN 55473 [ .. DIN certificate], version 12/2015, and are labelled in accordance with DIN 5B003 & 5B004. Our desiccants similarly comply with the relevant provisions of the German Federal Health Act, EU regulations, and US FDA regulations. TROPACK’s standards in safety and quality also involve a commitment to protecting the environment and human health, and are regularly endorsed through DIN/ISO certifications. This is something trade, industry and consumers alike can count on.
[ .. ISO 9001 certificate]

TROPACK desiccants are non-toxic (FREE from dimethyl fumarate, DMF), food-safe, contaminant-free, and odourless.
 [ .. DMF-Testreport]

More can be found in our [ ... Download Library]

The TROPACK calculator

To ensure casing and components in your application or goods are optimally protected against moisture damage during transportation and/or warehousing, it is important the required amount of desiccant is calculated accurately! Our DIN 55474-compliant online calculator uses key parameters to do just this:

  • Packaging/component dimensions
  • The mass of any hygroscopic (moist) elements inside the packaging/component
  • The humidity of the air sealed inside the packaging/component
  • Permitted/desired final moisture content
  • Transportation/Storage duration or the operating time/lifespan of a component
  • Climate during transportation and at the recipient’s end, or ambient atmosphere while components are running
  • Amount of water vapour penetrating through the packaging/casing

Use our program to calculate optimum desiccant quantities online.

Based in Germany

TROPACK produces locally, but acts and co-operates globally.

As Germany’s leading desiccant manufacturer, all our products are made exclusively at our German base. Our production and warehouse facilities span an area of more than 3,000 sq m, with a further 500 sq m for administration and sales. State-of-the-art technology, an extensive fleet of machinery, and long-time technical experience in desiccant-manufacturing enable us to produce at the highest quality level. We’ve got solutions for your technical challenges and special requests!

Benefits for you

Having our own production and warehousing facility on site enables us to quickly and flexibly cater to all manner of requirements and requests, and guarantee a high degree of availability.

German-quality desiccants

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